Advanced masters course

I and the Spirit world are getting closer together.

The advanced master’s course is intended for students who have joined the beginner’s course and wish to continue with spiritual advancement.

It is recommended to join this course at least 6 months after the beginner’s course. This way you will integrate the knowledge and the energy of the basics.



(INTRODUCTION): What has happened with the student since the beginner’s course: How much did you evolve?

(SPIRITUAL WORLD): How does it look like? The levels of knowledge in the Spirit world. What happens when we die? How do we choose our new incarnation? Other interesting topics about the Spirit world.

(SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE): Who is your guardian? Connection with your guidance.

(INTUITION AND IT’S DEVELOPMENT): What is intuition and how to stimulate its development? What does it mean to have extrasensory experiences and senses? What does it mean to be clairvoyant, a medium and a channel? How to develop these potentials?

(YOUR INNER CHILD): Family as a link to healing. Connection with your inner child and it’s healing.

(SEXUAL ENERGY AND HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS): The importance of your sexual energy in raising vibration.

In the end, master Lady Nada is going to take the word and give every student the certificate of completion. 

(every day there will be two meditations included plus some practical work depending on the topic).

Expect a very high vibration of energy and quick and strong changes. After only a few days you will start to shift and your energy is going to change. You will also feel more sense about your life and the answers will pour in.

After this course, you can experience a quantum shift and a higher level of vibration and consciousness.

Every student gets a certificate of completion. 


Datum će biti naknadno objavljen


6 dana intenziv kroz teme programa (10-17 h)

6 mjeseci mentorstvo (1xtjedno)




1800 EUR


Svoju prijavu pošalji do najkasnije_____ koristeći formu.


Ako nakon završetka ovog tečaja želiš i dalje napredovati i usavršavati se pod budnim okom energija iz duhovnog svijeta, ovaj se tečaj nudi u još jednom nivou a to je majstorski.

Također možeš birati da li želiš biti dio grupnog tečaja ili ti je ipak draža solucija jedan-na-jedan.

Šestomjesečno mentorstvo

Uključuje dublje spoznavanje tema programa implementiranjem u svakodnevni život. 

Savjeti i vodstvo u problematičnim situacijama, grupna podrška u rastu. 


Through her way of teaching, Natalija brought some new ideas and new understanding.

Her personal experiences she talked about, as the course progressed, have enriched my insights and enabled me to understand my levels of consciousness.

She also showed me in a very practical way how to deal with the problems that arise in everyday life.

There was always enough time to touch the private questions and nothing was left unanswered or unexplored.

I can’t wait to attend a new level. Thank you Natalija for rising my energy to a higher level than I expected.

Jo Van Campenhout


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